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We at IndianExams.Online have brought all the resources together at one place for practicing for any exams in India.

We are passionate about helping you succeed in any exams.

Whether you are doing school or college study or you are looking for admission in any professional field, we have the comprehensive sets of exams, mock tests, practice tests and skill, language tests and more.

Do you want admission in the top business colleges in India or abroad?

Are you studying finance, management, law, engineering, medical or any other professional course?

Do you want to prepare for a banking, insurance, defence job or maybe a job in a premier Indian institute?

Are you looking to get a job in the top IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, SAP ?

Whatever you want to study, the chances are you would find it here.




We offer the best set up exam preparation packages to help you ace any study or job exam. You will get the

classroom experience and a dashboard that will help you analyse your preparation and do better.

Achieve your life goals with a little help from us.




Our free and paid plans cover all your needs and provide you with options to seek alternatives in exams and jobs too.



Our students have achieved amazing results they never thought were possible.

Practice for your exams at IndianExams.Online and achieve your goals


Exam Topics


1.    Defense and Police Exams

2.    Indian Civil Services Exams

3.    Management Exams

4.    Medical Exams

5.    Banking Job Exams

6.    Architecture & Fashion

7.    Skills, Aptitude & Languages

8.    Information Technology-IT

9.    Indian Govt Exams

10. Teacher Selection Exams

11. Railway Job Exams

12. Engineering Entrance

13. All India School Exams

14. Arts, Commerce & Law

15. SSC

16. Foreign Education

17. Miscellaneous Exams

18. Insurance Exams

19. Graduate Engineering

20. IT Job Exams

21. Professional Certification Courses

22. Govt Co Job Exams

23. License

24. School Level - State Boards

25. Finance & Money Exams





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